Joe Budden Tweets How Much He Misses His Son After His Break Up With Cyn Santana; Here is Cyn’s Unsympathetic Reply (Pics-IG-Vids)

Podcaster and occasional rapper Joe Budden, took to twitter to tell fans that his baby’s mama Cyn Santana has taken their son Lexington and wont allow Joe to see him. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Cyn has revoked daddy time from Joe. Judging from social media posts, Joe seems to be a dedicated father. Cyn Santana posted on  Twitter, a few hours after Joe. Cyn tweeted, “Pay close attention to people’s patterns and tactics. It’ll save you headaches, heartaches, and energy. Protect your spirit.”

Cyn and Joe have been back and forth. Joe and Cyn were going to get married at one point. Accusations of cheating and popularity went to both of their heads. Hopefully, the ‘Pump It Up” Rapper will get to see his son soon and makeup with Ms. Santana.

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