Watch HOF Michael Irvin tell Jerry Jones He Won’t Sip Any Sweet Nectar Without Paying Ezekiel Elliott (Video)

Last night outside of Club Catch in LA, Michael Irvin spoke with TMZ on the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott situation. As noted before, Zeke is seeking a new contract and refuses to report to training camp without a new contract. Zeke reportedly wants to become the highest paid running back in the league, and with his production since his rookie year, he has a viable argument.  Zeke who has been seen training in Cabo, refuses to report to training camp without a new contract and is willing to miss games until he receives one.

Last season, former Steelers running back Lev’eon Bell sat out all of last season  before eventually signing a 4 years, $52.5 Million dollar contract with the Jets; 35 Million guaranteed.

Irvin tells TMZ,

“I know for a fact before Jerry Jones leaves time and goes for eternity he wants to drink the sweet nectar of a championship again. And that nectar will not partake without Ezekiel Elliott.”

Irvin who has stated on air, that the Cowboys can’t remain stagnate on the Elliott situation.  Irvin fully understands Zeke’s standpoint. In this sport where one play can potentially cost you your livelihood, get the bag as soon as possible.

Irvin continues by stating,

“NFL has told running backs all over and over again, We will squeeze you, we will use you, and we will discard you. So he’s saying, let me get mine while I’m riding the wave hot”

Michael firmly believes if Jerry Jones pays his running back, you can bring the Lombardi trophy to Dallas, Texas.

Flip the page to see Michael Irvin tell Jerry Jones let “Zeke Eat” and pay the man.

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