What Does Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard Think About MayPac II (Video)

The question has been brought up for several years since May-Pac 1, who wants to see a rematch? The majority of fans have objected to seeing a rematch.

Many fans feel as if the styles contrasted a lot. The build up for the fight was labeled as the fight of the century. Floyd who is almost untouchable, and undefeated versus a fighter in Manny Pacquiao, who is afraid of no one, takes chances in the ring, throws a volume amount of punches and moves his head. Lots of spectators and some media members thought Manny would be the fighter to ultimately end the dominance of Mayweather.

Nevertheless, the fight didn’t live up to expectations to some, but likewise for true boxing fans that admire the defensive prowess of Mayweather, enjoyed the sly tactics of Floyd inside the ring. If you have watched any Mayweather fight and expected him to become a different fighter, well it’s save to say you wasted your money.

Recently, Sugar Ray Leonard spoke with TMZ about his thoughts on a rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Leonard states,

“It’d be a great fight; Put it this way, it should be done, people will watch it”

No matter how disappointed you were over the first fight, and how much denial you would be to state you wouldn’t pay to watch a second fight, at the end of the day, you would be glued to your tv to watch both fighters put on a show of the ages. Mainly due to Manny admitting he was hurt during the first fight. Secondly, Mayweather’s record is unblemished.

Flip the page to see Sugar Ray state he wants a MAYPAC II and highlights from the first fight.

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