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Who Has The Greatest Fantasy Football Season of All Time? The Answer Might Surprise You (Video)

The regular season is coming up for the NFL boys and girls. No more having to watch 3rd stringers fight for their jobs on a daily basis. No more having to observe roster hopefuls, many who won’t have an impact if they even do make it.

No more car…sorry, seems I got a little ahead of myself.

But what this time also means is fantasy football.

Yes, the game where you can receive real punishments if you slack around and finish last. The game where you wil throw a fit if Todd Gurley goes down on purpose to secure a win for his team, instead of scoring and securing a win for your fantasy team.

It’s such a glorious game full of so many ups and downs that’ll just make you go insane.

Not to mention the draft itself can be a hectic time.

But within that concept, you find players that you just have to draft every single year. WRs like Odell Beckham Jr. Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones, and Deandre Hopkins.

Even backs like Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell, and Christian McCaffrey. The list goes on and on.

But further past that, you’ll find some players that the stars I listed above, haven’t even came close to yet.

The likes of Chris Johnson in 2009, Calvin Johnson in 2012, hell, even the rise of Patrick Mahomes last season. Those players have some of the more dominant seasons in fantasy football HISTORY.

However, of these players’ best seasons aren’t even considered the greatest of all time.

That title my friend, belongs to a ex-west coast running back that stole the show whenever he got into open space.

Flip the page to find out which player has arguably the best fantasy football season of all time.

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