Antonio Brown & His Accuser Britney Taylor Disagree With What Happened 2 Weeks Before Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her; AB Says She Consensually Cheated & She Says He Raped Her; How These Strip Club Receipts Might Clear Things Up (Statements)

It is very difficult at times to determine who is lying in these type of situations.

We have two very different versions of events. One thing that everyone can agree on is the AB and his accuser had sex. Was it consensual or forced, depends on whose version of events you believe?

Here is Ms. Taylor’s version.

The arrangement between them included Ms. Taylor flying to locations in Pittsburgh and Florida where Brown had homes and where he trained. Ms. Taylor never dated or had an interest in any romantic relationship with Brown. Their relationship, as far as Ms. Taylor believed and behaved, was that of a ‘brother-sister’ type.”

Taylor says the sexual assaults occurred in 2017 and 2018 while she was working for Brown.

Her now-deleted Instagram profile included a line in her bio indicating she has been engaged since May 2018. It is not clear if she has since married or the status of her relationship.

Her attorneys wrote, “Her long-term boyfriend, whom she had been dating on and off ever since high school, proposed to her less than two weeks after she was raped by Brown. What should have been one of the most exciting times in her life has been completely derailed and complicated. It took her months to tell her fiancé what occurred, and that disclosure put a serious strain on their relationship.”

One thing that doesn’t appear to be true is the “brother-sister” type of relationship. There are videos of Ms. Taylor in bed with Brown and they weren’t acting like Brother and Sister.

Brown’s attorney tells a totally different story.

He says in 2018 that Ms. Taylor invited herself to the strip club with AB and afterward asked to go back to his home where they had consensual sex. The attorney clearly states it was Ms. Taylor who initiated all the contact with Brown in this instance and in the past.

Ms. Taylor says she has passed a lie detector test. While on the surface that sounds very good, there are some problems with it.

It was Taylor’s attorneys that set it up and we don’t know what questions were asked. Lie detectors test should be set up by an independent arbitrator just to make sure there is no funny business.

Apparently both sides believe they have evidence that implicates the other side. The emails that Ms. Taylor released weren’t a smoking gun, there was nothing about rape or anything close to that. You can’t win a lawsuit on someone being an asshole to you, so we will see what happens going forward, I would advise everyone to reserve judgment until we have more details.

Ms. Taylor is supposedly getting married this weekend. Her fiance has deleted all his social media accounts.

Flip the pages for the emails and lawyer statement.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline