Details on Neymar’s Rape Accuser Being Criminally Charged For False Accusation & Extortion; The Overwhelming Evidence Against Her & Her Ex-Husband Who Help Come Up With Scam (Pics-Texts)

It appears soccer Superstar Neymar is the victim of a scheme straight out of an awful, terrible movie idea. The culprit was 26 year old Brazilian model Najila Trindade who accused Neymar of rape.

All along Neymar has had a pretty strong case while always denying the allegations made against him, he also claims that he had the text trail to back it up. There was a previous investigation into the matter however police couldn’t find enough evidence to bring charges to the PSG striker.

Trindade hasn’t been shy about trying to keep her identity under wraps which is usually the case in these situations, she’s appeared publicly on television a number of times. This is where the movie begins.

Charges are now being brought on Trindade that include procedural fraud which equates to filing a false allegation as well as slanderous denunciation – in English means defamation and extortion. A larger plot to exploit Neymar seems to be on the table and in the eye of officials.

Last but not least a man by the name of Estivens Alves (co-villain) who conveniently happens to be Trindade’s ex-husband has taken on some charges of his own “disclosing erotic content which was then published online”. Strange reconciliation activity for the ex-husband and wife. To leak footage of the Neymar hookup online. We can only hope that justice comes down strongly & swiftly on these two.

Flip the page for Neymar leaking all the text messages showing his innocence.


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