Fan Explains How His Wife Stabbed Him For Watching Too Many Washington Nationals Game (Video)

Baseball season is nearing a close and so is this Nationals fan’s marriage. The fan called into a radio show to tell them he was in the hospital. His soon to be ex-wife put him there. The couple are in the process of getting a divorce.

But back to the incident. The fan’s wife went to a bar for a few hours. When she returned her husband was watching a Washington Nationals game.

The evening ended with him getting stabbed. He told the radio show that when his wife left to go to the bar, he was watching the Nationals game. Upon her return, he was still watching the Nationals game. And that is what set her off.

He claimed that he needed 13 stitches to stop the bleeding in his left forearm. But no one could be that big of a Washington Nationals fan.


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