How Dwight Howard Thinks He’s THANOS So He Bought Purple Rolls Royce; Also Speaks on Why His Own Snakes Routinely Bite Him (Video-pics)

If you saw new Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard drive by in his brand new purple Rolls Royce you might think it was to represent the famous purple and gold worn by his new team. Except for the real catalyst behind the choice has nothing at all to do with the lake show.

While on FS1’s ‘Fair Game With Kristine Leahy the Lakers center made clear the inspiration behind the color choice.

It appears Howard’s own snakes don’t even like him either.

Dwight Howard has a bunch of big snakes, including an anaconda named Cleopatra who could grow to be 25-feet long and 200lbs. He has been bitten three times and has the scars to prove it. Is he mad about the bites? No.

“I definitely think people have a misunderstanding about snakes.”

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