How Lamar Odom Had To Be Held Back By Vince Carter After Mark Cuban Kicked Him And Called Him A MF (Video)

Lamar Odom’s new book titled Darkness to the Light was recently released and it has some pretty wild stories.

One in particular involves Lamar’s time with the Mavericks and owner Mark Cuban.

Per D Magazine, Lamar says

“Cuban quickly grew to resent me; it seemed his goal was to make my time in Dallas as miserable as possible. He rode me constantly, talked down to me, and questioned my manhood in front of others. During home games he’d grab his usual courtside perch and proceed to hurl obscenities at me.”

“Cuban extended his right foot and kicked my shin. “Come on, motherf*cker!” he shouted.”

“I was stunned. This wasn’t a tap. I felt it. That was the last straw. It was painfully clear he did not respect me as a man. I felt the adrenaline rush through my body. In an instant I was transported back to Linden Boulevard, where the slightest act of disrespect could be fatal. As I sprang up, Vince Carter, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my arm tightly and leaned in.”

“LO, chill out,” Vince calmly said. “Don’t do it. It’s not worth it.”

Cuban is known as a players owner and I guess that’s not entirely true.

Flip the page to see Lamar talking about other parts of the book.