How Tom Brady Was Pissed That Bob “Asian Spa” Kraft Decided to Cut Antonio Brown (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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How Tom Brady Was Pissed That Bob “Asian Spa” Kraft Decided to Cut Antonio Brown (Video)

For a full week, the New England Patriots received the Golden State Warriors treatment with every expert on the airwaves predicting at the very least a Super Bowl birth after they added Antonio Brown.

The first victims, the lowly Miami Dolphins were the first team to get a taste of the stacked New England Patriots passing attack which of course had no problems carving up the Dolphins in the win.

Everything seemed on pace with expectations around the league going into the New England Patriots Week 3 game against the New York Jets until Antonio Brown decided to send a few not so friendly texts to one of his accusers.

Robert Kraft wasted no time in moving on from Antonio Brown, just hours after the infamous Bill Belichick stare down news broke of the Patriots decision to cut the former Pittsburgh Steeler. In all, Antonio Brown spent 11 days as a member of the New England Patriots.

One player who may not have agreed with the hasty move by Robert Kraft seems to be future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady who had extended himself to make Antonio Brown as comfortable as possible from day one.

When asked about the release of Antonio Brown, Tom Brady had this to say,

I do have a lot of personal feelings, none of which I really care to share. “That’s about it.” “It’s a difficult situation.”

A bummed-out quarterback who had five practices and one game with an ultra-rare talent. He went all-in trying to make it work, got close to Brown and tried to understand and help him. He’s not happy Brown got flushed both because the football was going to be sublime and Brady thought Brown was reachable.

I was told the practice performance of Brady when Brown was on the field was almost perfect. There were more than a half-dozen plays Brown made that were breathtaking. He was beyond anything Brady ever worked with.

Brady was trying to help Brown stabilize. He disagrees with the business decision made by Robert Kraft to jettison Brown.

It’s easy to see how Tom Brady feels the trigger was pulled on the Antonio Brown experiment too quickly, coupled with Josh Gordon who has also dealt with his share of issues, this is the best receiving core for Tom Brady since Randy Moss.

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