True or False? A Pastor Tries to Go One Over Jesus and Ended Up Dying (Video)

A South African pastor has recently died trying to emulate Jesus Christ. Doctors are calling his death a “purposeful starvation” and Buzz South Africa had the details.

44-year old Alfred Ndlovu left his home on June 17th to go on a spiritual journey. He wanted to beat Jesus’ mark of fasting no food or water for 40 days and 40 nights.

Alfred couldn’t live up to Jesus and past away after a month. He lasted about 30 days out in the wilderness. A stranger found his body and called the authorities who informed his family.

It doesn’t sound like the smartest move to try and pull off the same things Jesus did.

It appears though the entire story is fake. There is no record of the pastor or his death.

Flip the page for video of the likely false story.

Carl Green

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