Very Sad Details on Browns DE Chris Smith’s Girlfriend Petara Cordero Being Struck By Car & Passing Away

This happens far too often.

Drivers a lot of times are not paying attention to accidents on the side of the road and then this happens.

Petara Cordero, the girlfriend of Browns defensive end Chris Smith, died Wednesday morning after a car accident on a Cleveland highway.

According to a statement released by the Browns, Smith’s 2019 Lamborghini had a tire malfunction and spun into the median. Both Smith, who was driving, and Cordero, a passenger, exited the car without major injury. Cordero, 26, was then struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Smith was not impaired, nor was he injured, police said.

They had recently celebrated the birth of a child.

Very sad.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline