Watch Kevin Durant Go Back & Forth With Fans Over His WSJ Posts About Being an Outsider With Warriors & Calling OKC Fake (Tweets)..

The Wall Street Journal published a story today where they interviewed new Brooklyn Net Kevin Durant and the very interesting topic of him leaving the Thunder for the Warriors in 2016 came up. Durant wasn’t happy with the way fans and members within the Oklahoma City organization treated him after he made his decision.

KD said he’ll never be attached to the city or team again because he doesn’t trust anyone there. He said he originally wanted to return to see OKC because of the relationships there and work he did in the community but the bridge was burned. He said everyone was fake, including the GM and he hasn’t had an exchange with anyone since he left.

As soon as this story was out, OKC fans quickly flooded his mentions and labeled him as snake, as it’s been the case since 2016. KD decided to reply to some of them by saying they got the clout that they wanted and his thoughts about OKC isn’t harming the fan. Durant is a top three player in the world but he needs to finally stop caring about what people think about him. Flip the pages for his interactions with the fans after the WSJ story went out.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

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