After He Left Her For Doing Kardashian Sh*t, How Tinashe is Trying to Get Back With Ben Simmons After He Hit a 3 & Kendall Jenner Cheated on Him Six Times (Pics-IG-Vids)

Sixers star Ben Simmons has continually been linked to one of his exes. Mostly Kendall Jenner.

But this time, it’s Tinashe. After the two broke up last year, she was accused of stalking him. She denied those rumors obviously.

A year later and she might be trying to get him back. Tinashe recently liked one of Simmons’ tweets. Simmons didn’t say anything in particular in the tweet, it was just an emoji that could mean anything.

We all know what liking tweets and pics mean. A few more and Tinashe’s message will be clear.

Flip the page to see which tweet and pics as well video of Tinashe speaking about stalking Simmons.