Marcus Mariota Benched, But is He The Real Problem With The Titans Offense or is There Way More Blame to Go Around (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Marcus Mariota Benched, But is He The Real Problem With The Titans Offense or is There Way More Blame to Go Around (Video)

The division in the Titans’ fan base is pretty easy to recognize.

Just ask both sides about Marcus Mariota and watch chaos on your Twitter timeline ensue.

One side got what they wanted today, Mariota being benched in favor of Ryan Tannehill. It isn’t a permanent positive for that side, but it’s enough to satisfy their screams that are similar to the barking of an annoying neighborhood dog.

The Tennessee Titans lost a football game today. The offense continued their ways of putting on a disgusting display of football, making you question if this offense could really be the worst in the NFL.

Easy passes weren’t completed, pass protection wasn’t good, and Titans OC Arthur Smith called plays like he was a child playing in a daycare with toy blocks.

Seriously, that play sheet could be substituted for a children’s coloring book and the results for the offense would still be the same.

That’s another issue that’s been flying under the radar while Mariota struggles.

Arthur Smith just hasn’t been good in his 1st year as Titans OC. He’s brought continuity, but he’s also brought the constant failure that this offense had last season.

Usually, after these pitiful excuses of offensive football, we get the same response from players and staff.

“We have to be better”

Do you know what good that statement does?


You’ve been “getting better” for weeks now. The offense is still a jumbled mess and it’s actively losing you games.

There’s been no sort of change.

The continued heavy sets and running into stacked boxes aren’t doing you any type of favors. It sure doesn’t help that this OL remains a problem, but the details in your job require you to work outside the deficiencies you might be faced with.

You have an excellent set of pass-catchers, that I’m sure, a lot of other teams would absolutely love to have.

There has to be more than a handful of ways to get them the football. Especially Corey Davis and Delanie Walker, with the latter having another quiet game.

And for goodness sake stop with the 3rd down short passes to Dion Lewis. After an unnecessary amount of failures, you have to somehow realize that it just won’t work.

This offense is completely broken right now, and the solution(s) are apparently far too great to fix week to week.

This could be a long season, filled with plenty more offensive shortcomings and much more frustration.

Buckle up, it could be a very bumpy ride.