Tom Brady Has Thoughts on Jacoby Brissett’s Skinny Pants (IG Comments)

Tom Brady had to take a little shot at his ex-teammate.

Brady went to social media, and had a little fun with Jacoby Brissett. Commenting on his pant size under a photo on Instagram.

Brady is pretty active on social media, but he seems like some sort of pro at it.

This was all in good fun, and honestly, just an opportunity for both to have a quick little laugh.

Brady is 42 and still going strong, currently leading a Patriots team that’s undefeated through 5 games.

Brissett is having a wonderful season in his 1st year being THE official guy for the Colts. Brissett, who just went into Kansas City and earned a big win, was at one point the only QB to have multiple TD passes in every game through the first 4 games of 2019.