Twitter Reacts to CNN Reporter Getting Shutdown By NBA For Asking Russell Westbrook & James Harden About Speaking Out On Political & Societal Affairs (Vid-Tweets)

The troubles revolved around the protest in Hong-Kong, the communism, and the apparent regard against free speech has sparked outrage nationally against the United States.

In the last few days, sponsors in China have revoked rights and merchandise likeness that have affiliations with the Houston Rockets due to a single tweet by its GM Daryl Morey last week.

The United States which preaches free-speech, and voicing your opinion on any type of issue is facing backlash from China astronomically, which if not resolved soon could reach higher peaks economically. With that said, James Harden apologized about his GM’s tweet several days ago.

In reference to his apology, Harden and Russell Westbrook were both asked a question about the societal and political affairs that are currently on-going between Hong-Kong and the United States by CNN’s Christina Macfarlane.

Before she could receive and answer from either Houston Rocket, she was consequentially interrupted by a NBA’s spokesperson telling her,

“We are taking basketball questions only”

Of course neither star answered the question and her microphone was taken from her.

What I find interesting here is that it seems both Harden and Westbrook were prompted and coached not to answer any political questions in reference to the Hong-Kong debacle.

The narrative that our country is indeed a free-speech environment, and that these two were totally disregarding the questions shows you that sometimes its best to just keep your mouth close regardless of what ethics and values you truly believe in. Do I agree with neither of them answering ? Of course not.
There was a report that stated the NBA has lost already a “Billion” dollars due to Morey’s tweet.

It’s all about money at the end of the day.

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