Watch 49ers Dante Pettis Asks Odell Beckham to Do The Jersey Exchange Only to Ask For His Jersey Back After They Took the Pic (Video)

The Browns are taking L’s on and off the field.

It’s bad enough Cleveland suffered a beatdown at the hands of the still-undefeated 49ers during Monday Night Football. Now they can’t get through a photo-op without some awkwardness.

Following the game, 49ers receiver Dante Pettis and Browns star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. exchanged handshakes and swapped jerseys for a picture together.

However, after the photo-op ended, Pettis reached out to get his jersey back from Odell and gave OBJ his jersey back.

It could be something harmless from Pettis to get his jersey back from Odell. Then again, who knows if Pettis did that on a petty level.

You be the judge.

Flip the page to watch the postgame photo-op with Pettis and Odell.

Justin Aviles

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