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Will Josh Allen Play On Sunday? Can The Titans’ Offense Replicate Their Success From Last Week? That & Other Things to Watch For In Titans-Bills

4. With The Return of Taylor Lewan, Adam Humphries Should Explode

Adam Humphries was brought in to be your normal slot receiver, but with more added bonuses.

Move the chains, be a go to guy on 3rd down, and be an extra security blanket when the play doesn’t go according to plan.

While Humphries has done some of that, he hasn’t been given the chances he might’ve expected when he inked a 4 year deal to come to Tennessee.

Humphries hasn’t seen his fair share of eye popping numbers during this season.

With numbers including just 11 catches for 112 yards, it’s okay to say that Humphries hasn’t been the gamechanger the Titans expected.

But a lot of that can be attributed to the absence of Taylor Lewan. While Lewan was out, the Titans relied on Humphries to help on pass protection a lot.

How exactly?

By chipping EDGE rushers to assist tackles in their pass sets.

Doing that a lot over 4 weeks can explain why Humphries’ numbers have been down.

But with Lewan back, expect Humphries’ targets to start getting higher, especially on 3rd down.

5. Ball Security For The Titans

While the Titans’ offense had a great week last week, they did have some trouble holding on to the football. In fact, the Titans have fumbled the football a staggering EIGHT times so far this season.

Even fumbling 3 times in their last 2 games.

The Titans’ fumbling problem hasn’t become a huge issues though, as they’ve only lost 1 fumble so far this year.

But that good fortune could quickly blow up in their face, especially against a Bills defense that loves to force turnovers. Titans HC Mike Vrabel is aware of how troubling the fumbling issue is, and realizes that it needs to be cleaned up fast.

“That’s not always going to be the case,” Vrabel said Monday. “The ball’s not round. It doesn’t bounce the same every time. Right now it’s bouncing our way when we do fumble it. So we have to do a better job of taking care of it.”

via SI

If the Titans’ can’t hold on to the football on Sunday, they just might mess around and lose this football game.
6. Can AJ Brown and Corey Davis Carry Over Their Excellent Play?
AJ Brown and Corey Davis had their best games of the season last week. Keep in mind, it was against a Falcons secondary that has a lot of weaknesses.
But it was still encouraging to say the least.
Their next test?
Have equal success against Tre’Davious White and Micah Hyde. I know, sounds like an absolutely daunting task right? Well, not necessarily. No, I’m not here to give you some stats that might increase your optimism for Brown and Davis to replicate their success from last week.
Football doesn’t work like that. In reality, the Bills’ supply of corners who can play man sets up Davis and Brown to somewhat disappear from the game. Although, both of these guys have an enormous amount of talent and can change an offense for the better.
Keep an eye out for those 2, as they could be the catalyst for another successful day for this inconsistent Titans offense.
7. Will Nate Davis See The Majority of The RG Snaps?
Titans rookie 3rd rounder Nate Davis made his NFL debut last week against the Falcons. But it was in somewhat of an unconventional way.
Davis ended up seeing plenty of snaps, but he rotated throughout the game with plug in player Jamil Douglas.
I personally don’t like the whole “rotating offensive lineman throughout the game” idea. It puts too much unnecessary stress on the OL throughout the game.
Is it okay to give Davis reps so he can be groomed into taking over at RG sometime in the future?
Not at all, but there are much better ways to get Davis ready.
Like, I don’t know, maybe just start him period? Now I won’t jump into the shoes of the Titans’ coaching staff and try to do their jobs.
But it’s common sense to anyone that constantly changing the interior of your offensive line, especially during the game, can cause problems that you don’t even need to put on yourself.
We’ll see how many snaps Davis will get on Sunday.
Hey, he just might even start, who knows.

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