With Marcus Mariota Now Benched, Can Ryan Tannehill Provide a Spark & Breathe Some Life Into a Stale Titans Offense? – BlackSportsOnline
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With Marcus Mariota Now Benched, Can Ryan Tannehill Provide a Spark & Breathe Some Life Into a Stale Titans Offense?

All aboard the Tannehill Express!

That’s right, Ryan Tannehill will be making the start this Sunday instead of Marcus Mariota, who’s run as a Tennessee Titan has most likely ended.

Can Tannehill fix the glaring holes that this offense has ? Not likely, but this offense needs some sort of juice, some sort of energy to get going and actually keep people awake.

We’ll see if Tannehill is that energy tomorrow when the Titans take on the Los Angeles Chargers at Nissan Stadium.

This game will have a abnormal 3:05 kick off time, and has the initial value of a literal piece of paper in a landfill.

But hey, FOOTBALL!!

1. Welcome to The Starting Offense Ryan Tannehill

As said before, Ryan Tannehill will be making the start tomorrow. He’ll be tasked with moving an offense that’s been absolutely dreadful so far this season.

The Titans are averaging a measly 16.3 PPG, they don’t average 300 YPG while almost every other team does, and it’s just downright miserable.

The passing game has been abysmal, weapons are going without their deserved targets, and fans are being put to sleep as they’ve been forced to watch this lifeless offense week in and week out.

So how can Tannehill even elevate this offense? I mean it isn’t like the skill level between Mariota and Tannehill isn’t huge.

Well, if you watched last week’s game, you might’ve noticed some differences when Tannehill entered the game.

For starters, Tannehill’s entrance to the game provided a little intensity from the rest of the 10 men on the field.

Pass protection looked a little more solid, and the offense moved much better than they had with Mariota.

But the largest observations were pretty easy to point out.

Tannehill didn’t miss the layups that Mariota had missed earlier in the game and Tannehill had a little more “mmph” on his throws that allowed the timing with his wideouts to be absolute.

If Tannehill can just simply get this offense to perform at an average rate, this team will start to win a lot of football games down the stretch.

2. Jeffery Simmons to Make His NFL Debut

Jefferey Simmons’ story is quite intriguing.

Simmons was projected as a top 10 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft until he tore his ACL in February.

Simmons slid all the way to 19, where the Tennessee Titans ended his slide and gave him a peculiar opportunity. An  opportunity to rehab and learn behind one of the NFL’s most underrated interior defensive, Jurrell Casey.

Now that Simmons’ rehab is over, and he’s practiced, he’s ready to step on the field for his NFL debut.

His addition to this DL group just makes the secondary’s job that much easier.

Combining him with the talent that’s already in the middle just makes this already great Titans defense, so much better.

3. Sample Size Was Small, But Could Corey Davis Finally Break Out?

I feel like I ask this same question every single week. I ask it as I watch a humongous amount of talent is wasted away as every single week goes by.

But last week, there was a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of hope that Corey Davis could finally be breaking free of the torturous year known as 2019.

I say this as someone who HATES seeing great talent go to waste. Not due to just organizational failure, could be injuries or any other factor that that player simply can’t control.

Brandon Roy with injuries, Derrick Rose with injuries, Robert Woods due to the Bills being incompetent, Odell Beckahm Jr. during his time with the Giants due to Eli Manning being Eli Manning.

I mean I could go on and on and on.

But what I saw last week, if the sample size translates over to the field, is that Tannehill will be looking for Corey Davis much more in this offense.

If that ends up happening, I only have 2 words for you, watch out.

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