Alycia Parks & Katherine Sebov Get in Center Court Brawl to Cap off Their Match; Watch What The Dad Does (Video)

Tennis isn’t known as a sport to induce many physical altercations between players, the sport of tennis historically is known as highly competitive individual sport where players carry themselves with a level of sportsmanship.

Unfortunately, like most unwritten rules this non-verbal agreement among tennis players to win and lose with honor was not adhered to at the Henderson Open in Las Vegas.

It all started after the completion of a match between Alycia Parks and Katherine Sebov who both approached center court to do the customary handshake before heading to the locker rooms.

Katherine Sebov of Canda, who later explained her reason for attacking U.S. born Alycia Parks was due to a little too much pressure being applied to her hand during their end of a game handshake was the aggressor.

The scuffle wasn’t exactly a 12 round Bout and ended rather quickly with tournament officials stepping in to put a stop to the melee.

Neither woman reported any injuries or discomfort stemming from the mix-up however it is expected that punishment may be handed down to one or both of the women involved.

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