Baker Mayfield In It Being You Guys Fault For Thinking It Was Going to Be “Sunshine & Rainbows” With Odell Beckham Jr Explains He Was Looking at Other Stuff on Critical 4th Down Play (Video)

I am pretty sure it was the Browns that were the ones hyping these things up.

Now, that it isn’t working, they are singing a different tune.

“I think people had this picture-perfect thing that it was going to be sunshine and rainbows and he was going to have a whole lot of one-on-ones,’’ Mayfield said Wednesday. “It’s Odell Beckham. He’s going to have double coverage. We have to find ways to format things to get him the ball and force-feed him early on to where he can make an impact before we can have the perfect look to give him a shot play.’’

Mayfield said he didn’t see Beckham waving to him on the final fourth-down play, signaling the favorable one-on-one matchup with Harris.

“We talked about it, but I’m looking at other stuff at that point so I didn’t see it,’’ he said.

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Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline