Matt Barnes on How Much His Ex-Wife Stole From Him By Forging His Name on Loan Documents, Spoiler Alert it is a LOT; Explains Why Derek Fisher Should Watch His Bank Account Closely (Pics-Vids)

It has been well documented that Matt Barnes has had an interesting history with his ex wife Gloria Govan. Let’s just say things are still on going.

I’ll let you know now that Derek Fisher isn’t involved in this story. Matt Barnes sat down with Vlad TV to do an interview about their current relationship.

Matt speaks on Gloria once forging his name to take out a loan for $150,000. In total she has allegedly taken around $450,000 of Matt Barnes money. Things aren’t all bad between the two though. Barnes also talks about how they are working together to provide a good life for their children.

Flip the page to see the full Vlad TV interview and pics of Gloria.

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