Shannon Brown Posts Monica’s Nudes on The Gram Days After Their Divorce in an Effort to Get Her Back (IG Post-Pics)

Shannon and Monica Brown might’ve cleared the last hurdle of their divorce, but that hasn’t stopped Shannon Brown from showing love to his now ex-wife.

Monica Brown shared photos of herself during a nude photo shoot, and much to anyone’s surprise, Shannon Brown posted them on his Instagram.

This is a simple case of “I miss you” and also an example of someone who’s a little bit desperate.

Or Shannon and Monica are simply supportive of each other and their interests. Maybe they’re still friends who care deeply for each other, regardless of the divorce

Either way, I have no problem with it.

If that’s what Shannon wants to do, I have no power to stop it.

Live on Mr. Brown.

Flip the page to see Shannon Brown’s Instagram post that includes nude photos of his ex-wife.