Teacher Accused of Serving Students Cupcakes & Donuts Filled With Her Own Bodily Fluids; Why Her Sheriff’s Deputy Husband Lost His Job; Name That State (Video)

A man and his wife sit in a Louisiana accused of very serious sex crimes against underage children. The school teacher, Cynthia Perkins is believed to have served her students’ baked goods contaminated with her bodily fluids.

This information was revealed following former sheriff’s deputy Dennis Perkins and his aforementioned wife Cynthia being  charged with a wide range of sex-related charges.

Dennis Perkins has been charged with several counts of rape and producing child pornography, and subsequently lost his job as a Sheriff’s deputy. This was not the first time Dennis Perkins’ name was brought to the attention of those in the department. A Baton Rouge officer claims to have reported Perkins’ irregular behavior with his stepdaughter to another sheriff. His concerns were not acted upon. His wife Cynthia  Perkins was hit with 60 counts of production of pornography involving a juvenile under the age of 13.

The arrest of the pair took place over two weeks ago, which gave way to new developments leading to authorities learning of what may have taken place inside Cynthia Perkins’ classroom involving food.

Parents of Westside Junior High students in Livingston Parish, Louisiana obviously are disgusted by the alleged events their children were subjected to. Many have begun to have their son’s and daughter’s tested in lieu of their contact with an accused sexual predator.

Cynthia Perkins has been connected with the Parish School System since 2012, she transferred to Westside Junior High in 2016 right up until her arrest.

What is very clear today is that these were two very sick individuals, incidents like these threaten to fracture the trust between parents and educators, policemen and citizens.

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