Watch a YouTube Conspiracy Theorist Outline How The Patriots Received Help From Refs Against The Cowboys; See Why Some People Don’t Buy It (Vid-Tweets)

Cheating and the New England Patriots go hand in hand for everyone outside of the Patriots fanbase, any time it is even perceived they are receiving extra help you can rest assured that people will take notice.

Following their game against the Dallas Cowboys in Foxboro, a video surfaced allegedly proving the officials running the chains of aiding the New England Patriots by moving the first down further back while Dallas was on offense.

The video shows the first down marker move from the Patriots 5 yard line back to the 4-yard line. s This one-yard difference may seem inconsequential to some, but in a game of inches, one yard could mean the difference between a field goal or a touchdown.

Not everyone is convinced of the video’s authenticity, Twitter fact-checkers claim the footage is altered and offer their own proof to clear the Patriots and game officials’ names.

Flip through the pages below to see the video that aims to prove a conspiracy to help the patriots is in play and the rebuttals.


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