Brazilian Freestyle Soccer Stars Show Off Their Skills on Beach (Vid-Pics-IG)

Natalia Guitler and Josy Souza are Brazilian freestyle soccer stars. They recently put their skills on show while on a beach in Rio De Janeiro.

Guitler and Souza are called the “queens of the beach. They got the nickname from becoming footvolley champions. Footvolley is a sport that combines parts of beach volleyball and parts of soccer.

The duo has used social media to help put their skills on display. They have gotten Neymar and Ronaldinho to praise their skills. Guitler has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram and shared a video of her and Souza showing off their chest volley skills, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Flip the page to see the video shared by sports gossip along with photos of the footvolley stars.

Carl Green

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