Larry Johnson Calls Dwyane Wade a Freemason Who is Sacrificing His Gay Son to Demons | BlackSportsOnline
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Twitter Reacts to Ex-NFL RB Larry Johnson Explaining How Dwyane Wade is a Freemason Who is Allowing His Son to Wear Fake Nails So He Can Be Sacrificed to a Demon (Tweets-Vids-IG)

Larry Johnson used to be one of the best running backs in the NFL as he was an absolute beast with the Chiefs. Now, all the does is tweet out of pocket things. Many remember how he said Megan Thee Stallion offered her mom as a sacrifice for fame. He also said Michael Strahan bringing a boy dressed as a girl on Good Morning America is “child sacrifice” and “sexual perversion.”

Now, LJ’s next homophobic take involves Dwyane Wade’s son. A viral photo of DWade, Gabrielle Union, and their children went viral. Many took notice of his 11-year-old son’s outfit which featured a crop top and painted nails. As you can imagine, the hate was sadly real but Wade shut it all down after spreading the message of love.

Here is what Johnson had to say about D Wade being a Free Mason.

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