Twitter Reacts to Giants WR Golden Tate Sending Subliminal Shot at Owner John Mara With Retweet During Blowout Loss to Packers (Tweets)

Things haven’t look good for the Giants at all this year. (Yearly statement) They got destroyed, 31-13, by the Packers at home today and are now 2-10 on the season. They are also heading for their third straight losing season.

WR Golden Tate suffered a concussion in NY’s 19-14 loss to the Bears last week and did not play today vs Green Bay. He had free time on Twitter though as he retweeted a tweet from reporter, Patricia Traina, in which it said “Giants keep getting booed when they come out on the field.” In the retweet, the original tweet was also quoted by The Giants Wire where they said “Happy birthday, John Mora!”

It looks like Tate is also having fun at home as he said he’d kick his dad out if he beats him at dominos. So far this season, Tate has posted 36 catches for 450 yards and four touchdowns. In the end, the retweet wasn’t the best decision at all. The frustration is real in New York right now for a historic franchise but this ain’t it, chief. The retweet is also still on his page as of this moment.

Flip the pages for Tate retweeting the trolling birthday tweet about Mora and reactions to it.

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