Video: Livestreamer Shot While Two Women Fight Over Ex-Browns Antonio Callaway in Parking Lot | BlackSportsOnline
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Watch Ex-Browns WR Antonio Callaway Witness Two Women Allegedly Fighting Over Him in Miami When Someone Pulls Out a Gun & Shoots The Person Live Streaming the Brawl; It Was All Caught on Tape, Here is an Update on Live Streamer’s Condition (Video)

Former & Troubled Cleveland Browns Receiver Antonio Callaway was witness to an all-out brawl that resulted in a young woman being shot recently according to TMZ.

Two women who were fighting in the middle of the street appears to be having a disagreement about Callaway while on-lookers egg them on. A woman begins to stream the fight on Facebook Live.

After throwing a few blows, someone pulled out a firearm and began letting shots go amongst the crowd. What’s interesting is that the woman livestreaming the fight was ultimately the one that ended up being shot.

TMZ, has confirmed that young women is currently in ICU at the Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Miami Police are indeed currently investigating the shooting and no arrests have been issued at the time.

Antonio who was released by the Browns this past November and has a past of being at the wrong place at the wrong time was seen in the video as one of the bystanders watching the fight take place.

Flip the page to see the fight take place and the shots ring out.

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