Watch One of Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguards Land Punches at Las Vegas Mall Employee; Here Are The Conflicting Reports on What Led Up to The Beatdown (Video)

Floyd Mayweather definitely has strong security everywhere he goes and one man working in a Las Vegas shopping mall felt that. According to TMZ Sports, he and his team were leaving a House of Hoops store when a nearby employee working at a kiosk close to the store wanted a photo with Mayweather.

This went down the night before Thanksgiving as Mayweather shut down this request. He was with his girlfriend as well. The employee named Juan Calderon wanted to get a photo with Mayweather supposedly because a co-worker felt weird about asking. Calderon felt that Mayweather was rude with the way he responded so he said they were acting like dicks.

One of the bodyguards didn’t like that comment by Calderon at all so he approached him. Calderon made the defense that Mayweather should show fans love. The bodyguard reportedly wanted to fix things and shake hands but Calderon refused.

Calderon was still looking at Mayweather and that’s when another bodyguard stepped in to confront him. This man is seen on video in a TMT shirt land hands down 3-5 punches on Calderon. Mayweather watched everything go down as well. Calderon went to a local hospital shortly after the incident for a CT scan and found no damage to his brain.

As far as taking legal action, Calderon filed a police report for a simple battery. The call was placed at 9:30pm local time. Sources close to Mayweather said to TMZ after the incident went down that they think Calderon was antagonizing them, wanted a fight, and a lawsuit.

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