Why Luke Walton’s Sexual Assault Accuser Kelli Tennant Has Withdrawn Her Lawsuit (Pics-Vids) – BlackSportsOnline
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Why Luke Walton’s Sexual Assault Accuser Kelli Tennant Has Withdrawn Her Lawsuit (Pics-Vids)

Kelli Tennant, a former sports reporter who as of recently was known for accusing Kings head coach Luke Walton for sexual assault has decided to drop her lawsuit for the alleged allegations.

The alleged sexual misconduct she alleged Walton displayed on her were described  per TMZ,

“claimed Walton forced kisses on her neck, face and chest — and despite telling to stop, he held her down, groped her breasts and groin, and rubbed his erection on her leg”

According to her lawsuit, she claims she was afraid she was going to be raped and was in complete shock and fear.

Nevertheless, Luke has denied all wrongdoings from the get-go, and insisted he never had any sexual encounters with her; that the fling was upon her orchestrating the meet-up.

One of two things happened here.

Either Luke Walton paid her a settlement and it was substantial enough that she will never speak about this again or it was proven she was lying so instead of having that come to light she dropped the suit.

Which one do you think happened?

Due to her not cooperating with the NBA and league officials, the NBA was not able to hand down any type of punishment against Walton.

Worth addressing, TMZ also stated that after speaking with her attorney on evidence that could convict Walton of the allegations, the attorneys told them their client had no such (Video or photo) evidence that could charge Walton.

Flip the page to see the press conference held by Tennant and her attorneys.

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