With Christmas Approaching Fast, Here’s 3 Gifts The Tennessee Titans Hope Are Under The Tree As Their Playoff Push Enters The Last 2 Weeks of The Regular Season (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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With Christmas Approaching Fast, Here’s 3 Gifts The Tennessee Titans Hope Are Under The Tree As Their Playoff Push Enters The Last 2 Weeks of The Regular Season (Video)

The holiday season is moving along as a fast pace, so fast that it just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year. We’re all caught up in our every day lives, that the simple idea of Christmas has seemed to fly right over our heads.

I won’t lie to you, it’s flown right over my head as well.

However, instead of ignoring the Christmas spirit, I’ll jump right into it, but involving you local Tennessee Titans as well.

As of right now, the Titans currently sit just outside of a wild card spot in the AFC playoff picture. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the same record as the Titans, but hold the 6th and final spot because of a better conference record.

The Titans also still have their eyes set on the division. If the Titans can win their final 2 games, combined with a Houston Texans loss in week 16, the Titans will win the division and host a playoff game for the first time since 2008.

As you can see, there’s still a whole lot to play for.

So with that in mind, I thought of some gifts the Tennessee Titans would love to receive by the time Christmas rolls around next Wednesday.

From wins from other teams to impact playoff chances, to injury questions that are plaguing the Titans right at this moment.

Let’s get straight to it.

1. One Healthy Hamstring For Derrick Henry

I believe this gift qualifies as a stocking gift.

Either way, it’s very important to the Titans and their push towards the playoffs.

Henry has been battling a hamstring injury for around 2-3 weeks now, and it reared its ugly head during the Titans’ loss to the Texans.

After rushing for at least 100 yards in his previous 4 games, Henry came back down to earth, gaining only 86 yards on 21 carries.

No disrespect to the defensive effort from the Texans, as they made sure Henry wouldn’t be the reason for any eye opening success for the Titans on offense.

But it’s safe to say Henry’s hamstring injury limited his ability to grind out the tough yards as he’s been doing recently.


That hamstring isn’t allowing Henry to hit that final, violent stride that we’ve gotten so used to seeing week in and week out.

When healthy, Henry takes that run to the house, I’m 100% confident in that.

If Henry can get that hamstring healthy, and get a little luck from the hamstring injury gods, I see Henry and the Titans ending up on the nice list by the time the season ends.

2. A Texans Week 16 Loss Combined With A Titans Week 16 Win

Who in the hell doesn’t wanna play for the division?

A week 17 matchup in Houston, winner takes the AFC South, loser is relegated to the 6th seed in the playoffs.

Relegated is a strong term, but let’s leave it for dramatic effect.

I’m sure many will be keeping a very close eye on Saturday’s Bucs-Texans matchup for pretty obvious reasons. The Bucs are red hot on offense right now, but just lost Chris Godwin, 1 of their more dynamic weapons on offense.

I expect the Texans to take care of business, but this is a week to week league after all.

As for the Titans, their week 16 opponent will be none other than Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t expect the Titans to win this game.

But once again, it’s a week to week league, almost anything can happen.

I don’t have some cheesy Christmas related analogy for this one, so just think of it as some sort of Christmas build up or whatever.

Let your imagination run wild.

3. A More Involved Corey Davis

I believe this particular gift would take this offense, particularly the passing game, to heights the Titans haven’t even touched so far this season.

Davis, the 2017 #5 overall pick, hasn’t been the total game breaking talent that a top 5 pick is expected to be.

The offense has found its footing, an identity has finally been reached, the correct quarterback choice is now running out there and manning the offense, but Davis still hasn’t been able to consistently make an impact.

In fact, rookie AJ Brown has probably been the best wide receiver on this team by a wide margin.

Now I’m not here to blame Davis or say he’s some sort of bust, but the Titans would benefit so so much if he can find some sort of positive consistency.

Some of that statistical inconsistency isn’t his fault, as detailed below.


If you want more context….


This is just one example with 2 different viewpoints, but I saw plenty other times, especially in the 1st half against the Texans, of Davis running wide open but Tannehill deferring to other options.

Again, not here to play the blame game on anyone, just pointing out the facts.

Davis unlocking some sort of potential is something to keep an especially keen eye on, as Davis will be entering his 4th year next season, and his 5th year option being a topic of discussion as well.

Who knows, maybe that consistency will cause Davis to jump on to the Christmas football nice list.