#PowerTV Episode Recap: So We Know Tommy Isn’t The One #WhoShotGhost and All The Red Herrings Are Trying To Tell Us It Was Tariq, But….. – BlackSportsOnline
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#PowerTV Episode Recap: So We Know Tommy Isn’t The One #WhoShotGhost and All The Red Herrings Are Trying To Tell Us It Was Tariq, But…..

Sunday’s episode of Power titled “It’s All Your Fault” dare I say was not horrendous. LOL. No, seriously. Putting aside the implausibility of a few things, it centered on Ghost and Tommy and their relationship. Despite all the shit they’ve done to each other, there is genuine love there. So much of who they are, is predicated on the other. The show beats us over the head with it repeatedly. But if last week’s episode was about a minor character we had mixed feelings about at best. This week was about one of our originals. A character, love him or hate him, we have strong feelings about. 

So Tommy legit had Benny’s dead body crushed inside the back of an ambulance? LOL. Good thing Teresei’s wife, Connie, told Tommy about that private ambulance company scam. Any scene with Tommy and his mom (Kate) is gold. There is an infantilization that happens to Tommy when Kate is around, particularly after a traumatic event, and even though we know Tommy didn’t grow up with his father there is a variation of the Oedipus Complex at work there as well. 

At an extremely low point, and fearing for his life because he killed Benny (a connected guy), Tommy plans to leave NYC and start over on the west coast. I mean sure, he’s got a connect named Rodolfo out there. LMAO. 

But before that he learns Ghost is going to be on Lorette Walsh’s ticket as Lt. Governor. Now convinced that Ghost murdered LaKeisha and shut down his entire drug business, Tommy is on the hunt. He sets out with the intention of killing his brother once and for all. Of course things don’t go so smoothly. 

Tommy was never really good at seeing the entire chess board, certainly not like Ghost. For Tommy everything is based on emotion and gut reaction. He reacts to things in the moment as they happen. Never really stops to consider is there any connective tissue? What are the consequences, intended or otherwise if I do X. 

On his quest to kill Ghost he finds out that the recording of him talking about murdering Lobos still exists, and that Tasha was the one who killed LaKeisha. He tries to murder her but can’t do it, Tasha appeals to Tommy’s sense of family and loyalty. That’s always been his weak spot. 

So Benny is dead and Elisa Marie, Proctor’s daughter and possibly the most level-headed character on the show, is now in the custody of her Aunt Dolores. Elisa Marie knows her Uncle Benny is dead and realizes the grown ups around her, as children often come to learn, constantly lie to her. Even if the reasons are valid. 

Smart move by Elisa Marie to try and enlist Tariq to get confirmation if it was Tommy on the recording. ‘Riq thought he was slick trying to pretend he didn’t know who the voices were and asking if he could bring it to his mom. Aunt Dolores, two steps ahead, knows ‘Riq is full of shit and sends him on his way. 

It’s in scenes like this, that no matter how many red herrings they put in front of us to make us think that ‘Riq is the killer, it just doesn’t fit. He’s always been a wanna be tough guy. Even with the tutelage he got from Kanan, I never bought ‘Riq as a real one. 

Now we get into the nonsensical part of the show. Tommy gets past the “two inept” guards there to protect Elisa Marie and kidnaps her. They have a serious heart to heart, As much as can be shared with as little dialogue as possible. 

Elisa Marie knows Tommy killed her dad and her uncle, and she even knows why. Tommy knows that she knows. He even says to her “if you have to come see me about that (killing your dad) I’ll understand.” Tommy’s a soldier and understands the rules of the game. 

Tommy drops Elisa Marie back at Aunt Dolores’ realizing he was wrong about Ghost on a lot of things and finally starts piecing the puzzle together. On his way to save Ghost, he manages to escape Vincent and three of his guys with automatic assault rifles. LOL. 

By the time he gets to Truth, it’s too late. Ghost has been shot and is bleeding out. Tommy looks up and catches a glimpse of the murderer. Based on the sequencing we are to believe that it’s ‘Riq. But as I stated earlier, not buying it. 

It wasn’t Saxe and it wasn’t Tate. That only leaves Tasha…Who has more of a reason to kill Ghost than Tasha?

Two episodes left and we have four suspects. They have to eliminate Saxe and Tate so my guess is next week we’ll get to cross them off the list and in the finale we’ll finally learn who killed Ghost. 

Stray thoughts…

  • Kate to Tommy. “You’re not going to move to Cali. What, I’m gonna score my coke on the street?” LMFAO. Gotta love their relationship. 
  • Tommy to Sgt. Rodriguez. “Puerto Ricans in pantsuits. I can’t seem to get rid of you.” LMAO. 
  • Aunt Dolores is played by veteran character actress Debi Mazar. You may remember her as “Sandy” in Goodfellas, Denise in Jungle Fever, among many other roles. 
  • R.I.P. Spanky. I mean you just snitched to get out a jail. What are you doing walking the streets of your neighborhood? SMH. 
  • Ghost’s estate is LARGE. We already know he left Kate and Paz money. He left Tommy some as well. 

What do ya’ll think? Get at me on twitter and Instagram @jshector Please share with your friends and people you think would enjoy the show. As always thanks for reading and visiting BSO. See you next week!