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Update on Knicks’ RJ Barrett’s Ankle Injury

Rookie RJ Barrett hit the floor pretty hard as the Knicks were facing the Phoenix Suns. Following that, he hit a free throw and then the pain took over. The team has stated that he’ll be out for at least a week with an ankle sprain.

Currently at 11-31, the Knicks are trying to finish these games and with Mike Miller as head coach, they might scratch the surface of 20 games this season. They have a pretty tough schedule coming up and to be without RJ Barrett will show how important he’s become to the team.

He’ll be out with a week but tonight, the 76ers come to the garden and it’ll be tough game as Philly’s been a strong team all season. If they can control those turnovers tonight, they might have a chance to compete. The good thing from this is that we can see how others will step up and utilize their playing time, that would’ve belonged to Barrett.

Knicks-76ers tonight at 7:30 pm ET