What Did Steph Curry Tell Giannis Antetokounmpo about Potentially Joining The Warriors; Who Would be Traded For This Deal to Work; Twitter Reacts (Vid-Tweets) – BlackSportsOnline
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What Did Steph Curry Tell Giannis Antetokounmpo about Potentially Joining The Warriors; Who Would be Traded For This Deal to Work; Twitter Reacts (Vid-Tweets)

This day in age players are under a microscope and literally anything you say in the public’s eye can be magnified and taken out of context, to the extent players are now covering their mouths so that their words are not the headliners of news sources.

During Wednesday’s night matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks featuring MVP favorite from some, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Steph Curry showed a brief chatter courtside after the Bucks defeated the Warriors 107-98.

What has went viral since shows Steph Curry telling the Greek Freak,

“Let’s Do it, Cmon Man”

Now this interpretation from Steph can be taken many ways but ultimately, we are not falling for that trap. It was a  indication weeks ago and rumored that the Warriors would indeed pursue acquiring the Greek Freak.

Is this move even possible?

It’s possible to happen but less than likely. Giannis can only be traded from the Bucks during free agency due to his contract not expiring until 2021.

The Warriors who according to The Mercury will reportedly be over the cap by 31 million if they did try and bring on The Greek Freak flat out by signing him in ’21.

This means they would need to shed over 65 million plus to even meet the expected 125 million projected salary cap for NBA franchises.

The Warriors who are rumored to be moving D’Angelo Russell possibly during free agency could try and package a deal that would include Russell and more than likely Draymond Green’s contracts to acquire Giannis this offseason via trade.

So If you are the Warriors are you willing to trade Draymond Green and Russell and maybe moving several contracts (by waiving or cutting) to receive the Giannis? Absolutely. Klay, Steph, and the Greek Freak in the Wild Wild West…. That’s not even fair.

Why The Bucks hold all the cards as of right now?

We have learned that in the past, if a player has value and you are unsure of their upcoming free agency decisions, you may want to get something back for them, verses losing him for nothing potentially, (Dwight Howard, Lebron James) the list continues.

That’s the risk of being able to offer a player a super max contract; The risk of them taking their talents and forming a super team for the goal of putting themselves in better situation of winning a NBA championship. With free agency looming, the Bucks have a very pivotal decision to make in the case that Giannis decides to test the waters in free agency. Offer the max and hope he signs, or trade him to get value back.

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