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Is RJ Barrett Still Considered a Franchise Player for The Knicks

It’s been about a month since we’ve seen RJ Barrett out there for the Knicks. Last night, the rookie made his return and he showed out.

Over the past few weeks, many games were close and the Knicks lost a few that they could’ve easily won. In instances, many said, “I wonder what the game would’ve been like had Barrett been playing.” If you recall, he was injured with a sprained ankle on January 16.

Last night, after a crazy day of NBA trade deadline news, the Knicks pushed hard as they beat the Magic by 2 points. Barrett was limited in his minutes but played for a solid 18 minutes. He finished the night with 12 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds.

Here’s what he had to say, via SNY.

“Sore, but you know, fighting through it,” Barrett said. “It was great to be back out there with my teammates. I just had a lot of fun out there.

“I was just happy to be back out there. My mantra for this week is ‘fun.’ ‘Just have fun with it,’ and that’s what I did. My teammates were great and we got a good win.”

Barrett also chimed in on the Morris trade:

“It’s tough, especially to lose him. He was really great for us throughout the season,” said Barrett. “He won the last two games for us at the end. It was tough to see him go. I texted him and told him I appreciated him, but like I said, it’s a business and we’ve got to keep moving forward.

Currently, the Knicks are standing tall at the 13th spot with a 16-36 record. Let’s see what the second half of the season brings us.