21-Year Old Arrested After High Speed Crash Which Ended With Him Spitting on Cop & Telling Him He Has The Coronavirus; Judge Decides to Let Him Go; Name That State

Given the time and level of panic right now, this honestly is the most efficient way to get arrested if that was your goal.

21-year old Anthony Ponzi was arrested over the weekend for being a moron. The Wilmette native was involved in a two car collision after driving drunk and speeding on the wrong side of the road. After authorities were summoned to the scene, Ponzi allegedly coughed and spit in the face of a Chicago police officer while claiming he had the coronavirus.

The details are pretty crazy.

Anthony Ponzi struggled with police who stopped him at the scene of a two-car collision in Rogers Park around 7 a.m. Sunday in the 700 block of North Wolcott, Cook County prosecutors said. Officers said Ponzi was “slurring his speech and was profusely foaming at the mouth” as he yelled at police and another driver, according to a police report.

Officers smelled alcohol on Ponzi’s breath, but Ponzi denied he’d been drinking, prosecutors said Monday. When officers reached to check Ponzi’s eye response, Ponzi allegedly yelled “Corona, ok!”, stepped toward the officer and coughed in his face.“[The officer] immediately felt particles of saliva/breath landing in [his] face area,” Ponzi’s police report states.

Officers took Ponzi to the ground, handcuffed him and took him to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, where he continued to struggle with hospital staff until he was sedated, prosecutors said. Ponzi told hospital staff he did not have COVID-19.

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