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Twitter Reacts to The Latest Rumors Vince McMahon Might Be Selling WWE to These Networks (Tweets-Vid)

The business landscape is changing fast as much of the nation eagerly awaits the imminent cease to stay at home orders issued around the U.S. to combat the spread of COVID-19.

One such business, the WWE may be in the hands of two giants in the sports/news world by the time the masses are allowed back into the public on a path to figure out life after Coronavirus.

Earlier in the week, rumors circulated on social media eluding to negotiations being underway between ESPN, FOX and WWE officials on what could turn out to be the biggest news to date since the sudden half of the NBA season that seemingly started the U.S. on its path to an almost total shutdown.

The owner, Vince McMahon has possessed WWE since 1982 when he purchased the company from his father Vince McMahon Sr., Recently WWE made headlines after being forced to furlough most of its employees in an effort to cover the loses induced by stay at home orders in place across most U.S. States.

Furloughing employees and reducing cost where they could may not have been enough for Vince McMahon and WWE to overcome, prompting McMahon to seek a good deal while his company is in as good of standing finance wise as one could hope during a pandemic.

Reducing executive and board member pay, decreasing operation expenses and halting spending on WWE headquarters are just a few of the things WWE has done in the wake of COVID-19 to stay afloat, selling sooner rather than later could prove either genius or overanxious if you’re Vince McMahon depending on how things unfold as America and the rest of the world look to get back to business as usual.

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