LeBron James Clowns 0-33 NASCAR Truck Driver for Quitting Over Confederate Flag Ban – BlackSportsOnline
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LeBron James Clowns 0-33 NASCAR Truck Driver for Quitting Over Confederate Flag Ban

The ongoing protest has lead to a lot of institutions and businesses re-evaluating the way they are doing certain things, including NASCAR, who banned the use of the Confederate flag at their races.

This didn’t sit well with NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli, who announced that he would quit the sport after the end of the season because of the banishment of the flag.

Ciccarelli has a grand total of zero career wins in NASCAR, and now LeBron James is rubbing more salt in his wounds.

James posted on his Instagram, “Bye Bye!! I can probably say they won’t miss you! Ha.” Along with a clown emoji over Ciccarelli’s face.

Ciccarelli claims his comments were misconstrued as he told TobyChristie.com.

“I don’t regret my feelings of believing in the national anthem and standing. I don’t like the fact that I was misconstrued about defending the Confederate flag. Because in no way shape or form was I defending the Confederate flag,” he said.

“I wasn’t raised the way people are portraying me to be. That’s just not me,” Ciccarelli stated. “I am not that type of person. Just the attack — my wife, my family have been attacked and abused on social media. It’s just heartbreaking.”

“I feel everybody has a right to their opinion. And that was my opinion. I believe people can kneel, and protest and do what they love and support and all that. I wasn’t trying to offend anybody. That’s not something that I wanted to do in any shape or form,” Ciccarelli told TobyChristie.com.”

Whether people believe Ciccarelli’s explanation or not, the damage has already been done.

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