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Watch Black Star MLB Players Unite For “Black Lives Matter Equality Ad”

The MLBPA on Monday night released a Black Lives Matter ad amongst African Americans in Major League Baseball, asking for unity and social equality from everyone, including fans.

In the ad, which features stars such as Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge & Marcus Stroman, demonstrates the feelings, biases, and inequalities that even major league stars face on and off the field.

Worth mentioning, during the ad the players make it known that their voices will no longer be unheard. They will no longer wait around for social inequalities, social injustices towards blacks.

Notably quoted,

“You have cheered for us but we need you to cheer with us now”


“We’ve been told that our peaceful pleas are not made at the right time and place or in the right way”

The media, fans, and white mainstream audiences are often disgruntled by Blacks and minorities voicing their frustration over racial discrimination, and injustices; Sometimes even telling Blacks to do it on their own time. What’s interesting is that when it comes to hitting home runs, and striking players out, it’s all fun and games.

Flip the page to see minorities from the sport of Major League Baseball ask the general public to stand alongside for social equality and fair treatment of African Americans.

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