Video: Watch Racist Actress Wani Kayrie Make a Mockery of Our Black Skin During “Juneteenth” Dancing on TikTok Wearing Black Face – BlackSportsOnline
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Video: Watch Racist Actress Wani Kayrie Make a Mockery of Our Black Skin During “Juneteenth” Dancing on TikTok Wearing Black Face

Yesterday during Juneteenth Malaysian actress Wani Kayrie, whose real name is Syazwani Abdullah thought it was all fun and games when she decided to re-upload a tiktok video of her making fun of our black culture.

Yes, the actress who has since taken down the tiktok video, wore a black face in the video dancing to hit rap song SHH by hip hop artist Young Fanatic.

What’s even more disturbing by this ordeal is the sorry ass excuse her management team came out of their asses with.

The team basically revealing that the actress Syazwani Abdullah portrayed a character in a drama film.

This so called historical character is played by a woman who is cursed with a black skin tone.  Being cursed by having black skin tone is allegedly an Malaysian folklore. Her team states,

“The video was never intended to make fun of any race. It was simply a video of Wani dancing but in her character’s make up in Dayang Senandung. However, all the videos have been removed from all our platforms”

As you remember, this isn’t the first time tiktok has been in hot water over black ethnicity. During last years NBA All Star weekend, Renegade the infamous all-star weekend themed song went viral. The dance was originally made by 14 year old, Atlanta based teen Jalaiah Harmon, who received no recognition from the social media platform at first glance. The platform decided to give the dance a white face, crediting the D’Amelio sisters. Once stars and rappers found out about this, Jalaiah was contacted by the NBA to show off her skills during All Star Weekend in front of the world, where she did not disappoint.

Not only is it ill-informed for any ethnicity to play around with black culture by portraying to be of black decent and wear black faces during the times and tribulations that African Americans continue to suffer by, but it’s blasphemous.

With the killings, protests that continue to surround our country; Blacks being hung from trees, like it’s the damn early 1900’s. Unarmed African Americans being unequally treated from law enforcement who are ultimately paid by the law abiding citizens, and you are out here making tiktok videos making a mockery of African American culture. It’s beyond pathetic.

Remember this, you deleted a racist video that you made originally, still makes you a racist.

Moreover, Tiktok recently put out a press release standing behind black culture and the systematic racism blacks face everyday. Then decide to allow this racist content to be advertised on its platform like a 4 for 4 from Wendy’s.

Flip the page to see the disgraceful actress wear black face during tiktok video, reaction from around twitter, her managements weak apology, and Tiktok solidarity stance for African Americans.

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