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Master P wishes Nick Cannon stood tall on his stance during his anti-semitic remarks

Hip Hop mogul and successful entrepreneur Master P elaborated on Nick Cannon’s departure from Viacom after Cannon’s anti-semitic comments during an episode on Cannon’s Class. According to an interview with TMZ, Master P chimed in with his own knowledge on the power of ownership as it pertains to black entrepreneurs who seek to create generational wealth among the black community.

“We got to stop burning our block down and protesting. We have their attention. If you look at it right now ask your momma. Uncle Ben. 130 years those products have been on the shelves and we didn’t own it. But it looks like us so we been spending money and billions and billions those companies made. Now it’s time for people like us to come up with products, come up with brands, and also own the product. We can put money back into the community and create networks and production companies so we don’t have to worry about getting fired if you own something.”

The black community is no stranger to the lack of opportunities that exist within their community. However, the push for ownership continues as black-owned businesses are in development across the U.S. What is seen as modern-day slavery to many is an opportunity to establish themselves in hopes of becoming your own boss. Miller who had his share in developing a music label, clothing line, film studio, and a sports management company, knows the dangers of not owning anything that pertains to business deals.  What better advice can you get than from a man who is bout it bout it when comes to black people?

Recently Cannon expressed his rights to obtain full ownership of his TV series “Wild ‘N Out” that he noted as a “billion-dollar brand.” With his idea under the umbrella of Viacom, it didn’t stop there. Cannon’s apology resulted in his remarks on twitter addressing the black community who he stated turned against him since his apology.

Nick Cannon was fired from Viacom after a segment on his show Cannon’s Class with Professor Griff. Cannon’s remarks alluded to him addressing how Europeans were less than given they didn’t have melanin. He also alluded to the psychological approach rooted inside those who were less than had to resort to violence in order to survive.

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