Video: Racist White Man Keep Saying N*gger in Front of Child During Confrontation In Martinsville – BlackSportsOnline
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Video: Racist White Man Keep Saying N*gger in Front of Child During Confrontation In Martinsville

On many occasions we often see the Ku Klux Karens’ flipping out in stores or out in public. It’s safe to say racist old white men are the “Bobs’” when an issue such as Black Lives Matter are brought up. In a parking lot outside a Walgreens in Martinsville, Virginia, a racist old white man confronts a white protestor holding a BLM sign. Things got heated as the older man stated how he felt during a video recording.

“But the white girl just got shot by a f****** nigger. Right in the damn head because she said all lives matter.”

No one is sure on what incident the old man is making reference to.

Black people who refute the statement “All Lives Matter” are not obligated nor provoked to murder a white person by those beliefs according to this white man. In most cases, debates on social media about all lives mattering are what many African Americans engage to enlighten those who can’t seem to just understand or listen.

What black people and were are the statistics on white people getting murdered for yelling all lives matter? It doesn’t exist because BLM is a symbol and cry for justice to show white America no lives can’t matter if black lives are treated less than.

The protestor responded by stating “I’m not going to talk anymore if you’re going to use that language.”

What made matters worse is that accountability for self wasn’t taken into consideration as a young white girl repeatedly heard the word “nigger” by the old man.

The old white man proceeded to yell as a woman intervenes. Like most Karen’s who can’t prove their point and change the narrative, she’s dismissed with a quick “I’m not talking to you no more.” The “B…S… Bobs” are in full effect and taking matters into their own hands.

If all lives matter according to racist white people, then two questions should be asked of them. Are they eliminating systemic racism and putting their privilege to the side to help black people within the black community? Or do they help homeless people daily that they may walk or drive by since all lives matter?

For video, flip the page.

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