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Video: The Iconic Mike Golic Says Goodbye To ESPN Radio After 22 Years On The Air Waves

ESPN’s Mike Golic career in radio comes to an end as he will say his final goodbyes to fans of the “Golic & Wingo” show Friday morning. Golic who is notoriously known for his former TV morning broadcast “Mike & Mike” received a tribute by Mike Greenberg himself during an episode on “Get Up.”

“In the earliest days of our partnership. I saw up close and personal what it looks like when you really put your family first. Every parent I know says their kids are their first priority, but not all of them live that way. Mike does. He lived that way every single day.”

This isn’t the end for Golic since he will remain with The World Wide Leader in Sports covering football games as an analyst.

Greenberg also mentioned the value of Golic’s body of work and how he opened a door for sports athletes to break contentment as an analyst.

“As for all the accolades Mike has received, I believe he remains to some degree underappreciated. When we started the preeminent sports opinion-ist in this country were newspaper columnist first and then radio host.”

A new radio show is in talks to replace “Golic & Wingo” as a new lineup of personalities such as Jay Williams, Keyshawn Johnson and Zubin Mehenti look to further the TV program. Greenberg will also prepare for a new afternoon radio show entitled “Greeny” airing on ESPN.

Prior to Golic’s role in radio, he was a 10th round 255th overall pick in the 1985 NFL Draft. Golic was a defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins, Houston Oilers (now Tennessee Titans) and Philadelphia Eagles within an eight year span. Joey morona of reported “The station, found at 850 AM on the radio dial, is running a marathon of Golic’s best moments, memories and stories. “22 hours of Golic” kicked off at 8 a.m. Thursday and will continue up to his final episode of “Golic and Wingo,” which airs 6-10 a.m. Friday.”

Golic is one of many public figures in media who is well respected and an all-time great. The love on Twitter flooded with Tweets and mentions of Golic by many close to him. If this is a proper way to send out Golic with an extraordinary career in radio,  imagine the love ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith will receive when he decides to get up and leave his “debate” chair as the most electrifying sports personality and radio host of our time. It’s essential fans of sports give radio personalities, journalists and media members their roses while they’re still here on earth.

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