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Video: WNBA Players Complain There Are Mouse Traps and Bugs in Their Bubble Hotels

In a world where professional athletes live luxurious, the housing conditions down in Bradenton, Florida might remind WNBA players everything isn’t peaches and cream. Complaints of bedbugs, a mousetrap along with a worm were found in one of the hotel rooms according to ESPN’s producer Kayla Johnson. Johson went to Twitter showing the horrific scene of a lifeless laundry room that had a mousetrap on a piece of wood attached to the wall. A wet worm smothered on a damped brown carpet alongside the bed is not something WNBA players should wake up to.

It is essential athletes get the best of their experience in the bubble, but feel like home can be created within this situation despite the Covid-19 pandemic. ESPN reporters are also in attendance to cover the games as Malika Andrews discussed her food situation last Thursday with Rachel Nichols on ESPN via The Jump.

“At 8: a.m, at noon and at 6: p.m., a lovely man or woman comes to my door and knock. I open my door a couple of seconds later to give them time to move away from the door and there are two bags full of food.”

If Andrews’ experience is well, the concern for NBA players in Bay Lake could grow if they spot a Lizard in their room. It’s expected to fall in love with Florida’s scenery and beautiful Everglade Palm trees yet these nasty views aren’t eye-catching inside the bubble. However, the bubble is a living condition these athletes will have to adjust to until the league returns to its original states. 22 games are on schedule as the WNBA prepares to begin their season on July 24th.

The WNBA says they are looking into it.

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