Photos: Calvert High School in Maryland Has N*ggers Suck Spray Painted on Field – BlackSportsOnline
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Photos: Calvert High School in Maryland Has N*ggers Suck Spray Painted on Field

When the n-word is painted or inscribed on a surface that’s visible to the public, just know one of those associated with the Karens’ are responsible.

At Calvert High School in Maryland, a football field was vandalized with racist graffiti spotted by a black boy.

The post on Facebook entailed a message that everyone should take heed to in these times of racial discrimination.

“Good evening Prism family.. it pains me to tell you these images aren’t from Alabama..they aren’t from a field states away or across the country.. this is your home..your county…This graphic language at Calvert High School deserves our attention.. A 15 year old black young man came across this as he came to school to this what you want the county you live in to stand for? If you think everything is liberal democrat vs. Deplorable republican, you are wrong.. this is love and peace vs. hate and in Calvert, hate is winning.. We, as a county, cannot let this stand!”

Great statements but aren’t people tired of writing the same watered down statements when incidents such as this occur? Black people are reminded daily they’re n****** and nothing more in a society ran by whites who are in favor of a just system that only fits their agenda. No more antics or spelling out messages. Everything needs to be done to find the person responsible and even Stevie Wonder can see it was a racist white person who did this.

The school decided to redo the field by spreading love and a message reading “No Hate Here.

For photos of the statement and H.S football field, click on the next page.

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