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Rapper Fernanda Rodriguez Dies From Botched Butt Surgery

43-year-old Fernanda Rodriguez who was a Brazilian rapper died of kidney failure and sepsis days after undergoing a butt augmentation. Rodriguez who mainly is known to the Brazilian community as Mc Atrevida was in Rio de Janeiro at a clandestine aesthetic clinic during her surgery.

Reported by Janet Tappin Coelho of Dailymail.com “The mother-of-one was admitted to Evandro Freire Hospital, in Ilha do Governador on July 26 and taken to intensive care but died the following day from sepsis and kidney failure. Doctors said they might have been able to save her life if she had sought medical attention earlier.”

Therefore, the surgery set forth pain and uncomfortable complications Rodriguez experienced. If her health was already in danger, this procedure is something that should be question on if she made the choice herself or was persuaded by someone.

These types of surgeries or any other kind aren’t for every woman unless you’re Kim Kardashian. Let’s analyze the average black woman who rarely deals with these types of outcomes. When you think of a average black woman who embraces her full, natural, home grown and African backside, surgery isn’t even an option. If a black woman is a celebrity with millions of dollars to pay for it,  her research is done on professionals who have a successful history operating on women who want butt augmentations surgeries, hydrogel injections, sculptra butt lift or silicone implants.

The reason many can’t grasp how Rodriguez passed after the procedure is simply because Brazil is well known for embracing and promoting the popular cosmetic Brazilian butt lift.  Not necessarily the popular exercises which are enticing to women who want to sculpt up their backside, but women who are in need of a quick fix without putting in the work. Not everyone can have an a** like female rap star Megan Thee Stallion.

The motive on why Rodriguez decided to go through the surgical process has not been known prior to her death. She leaves behind a one-year-old and her loved ones who were fans of her music. It’s important that women of all races do their research on clinics if they decide they want to add a little “something something” for their personal reasons.

The Clandestine clinic which didn’t have a health license are under investigation by the police as details will further develop in this story.

Flip page for her music and botched pics.

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