TCU Coach Gary Patterson Apologizes For Saying N*gger to The Team – BlackSportsOnline
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TCU Coach Gary Patterson Apologizes For Saying N*gger to The Team

TCU’s legendary head coach Gary Patterson was under fire after he reportedly said the N-word. Red-shirt freshman Dylan Jordan took to Twitter how is argument between him and Patterson got out of hand.

Most black athletes who speak up against these types of matters are likely to face some form of disciplinary action.

Regardless of coach Patterson not directing or if Jordan felt it was directed, a white man saying the n-word is unacceptable and can spark different reactions out of black folks. For those who tolerate the n-word, it’s not an issue. For those who don’t, either speaking up or catching them hands if directed are always an option.

Patterson publicly apologized on Twitter to make sure he found common ground with anyone who might’ve took offense to his words. These apologies are always in statements that sometimes might not hold any truth but sound like any other apology from a white man in the public.

The reality is those standards Patterson has are the very exact same standards black athletes in America can’t relate to. If Patterson believes he can get a black athlete to stop saying the n-word, he lost his damn mind.  That word is sealed in the spirits of many black folks who have been introduced to it via their own upbringing.  Many white coaches in different sports are likely to hear their black athletes say the word n**** with no expectation for them to stop.

If Patterson wants to fight racial injustice according to his own remarks, he should start by looking in the mirror and at people who look like him in leadership positions. We all know who is systemically responsible for racial injustice towards black folks and it’s no secret.

For Tweets, flip the pages and apology.

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