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Video: Here’s Why Allen Iverson Crowns LeBron James The GOAT Over Michael Jordan

NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson decided to give his opinion on who’s the GOAT in the NBA. A respectful yet remarkable debate since LeBron James broke statistics and Michael Jordan 1990s’ championship rings.

During an interview with South Bronx, New York legendary rapper Fat Joe, Iverson mentioned how he loved Jordan but made it clear who he thinks revolutionized the game.

Take it from a former MVP who led the Philadelphia 76ers to an NBA Finals appearance in 2001 against Shaquille O’Neal and the late Kobe Bryant. Iverson, who was a killer and pound for pound scorer could break a defender’s ankles and finish at the rim. It’s his opinion and the young generation must love seeing the old heads side with James rather than living in a mind of nostalgia.

This debate has been around for a long time since James exposure by mainstream media during his high school career.  Speculation on if he was the next Michael Jordan or even better with expectations he encountered during his 17-year career. As James broke into the NBA as a rising star in the mid-2000s’, the LeBron or Kobe debates where at the pinnacle of basketball with many fans saying Kobe was the closest in terms of style to Jordan.

James mentioned on numerous occasions on how he was chasing the ghost of Chicago. Both players are very influential in terms of their impact on the game. James ability to make players better and Jordan’s hunger to win and school you is something that can’t be overlooked. Jordan by default is the GOAT according to the NBA, but we all know it was James who took the a** whooping for players like Kevin Durant to make their own decisions in a league that is in favor of duos, super teams or a top tier big three.

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